Puts the "treat" in treatment!

Loli-O's was conceived over 5 years ago by a 23 year veteran Paramedic while transporting a young child.  The physician ordered the patient to receive continuous breathing treatments during the transport to another hospital which was over an hour away.  The patient was already anxious and apprehensive due to the new onset of asthma as well as the attempts at delivering mask and mouthpiece nebulizer treatments in the ER.  During the transport, the patient would become more excited and upset during the treatment attempts which in turn caused the shortness of breath to increase, the heart rate to increase and the oxygen level to decrease.  Definitely not the direction to go!  The Paramedic then attempted to deliver the treatments by just allowing the nebulizer to "blow" the treatment into the child's face which met the same results as the other methods.  It was a no go as well.  While at a convenience store after the transfer, the Paramedic noticed a man with a small child at the checkout when the child grabbed a whole handful of lollipops and placed them on the counter!  That was it!  Lollipops!  Now 5 years later, Loli-O's is ready to help kids get the treatments they need with a lot less anxiety and a whole lot more fun!